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Site Design and Human Heat Burden in Pacoima, California
The report was produced by UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation and researchers from UCLA and Arizona State University
April 2023

Led and conducted the heat data collection. Disseminated results and wrote the report.
Goal: This study examines how urban design influences the human experience of heat in Pacoima, a neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles


Identifying Strategies for a Cooler Scottsdale
Joint Study between the City of Scottsdale and
Arizona State University
June 2022

Led the heat data collection and analysis. Disseminated results and wrote the report.
Goal: Understanding of current environmental conditions and possible strategies to

reduce heat while supporting other sustainability, economic, and public health goals.

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Cool Pavement Pilot Program
Joint Study between the City of Phoenix and Arizona State University
September 2021

​Conceptualized the project, led data collection and analysis, disseminated results, and wrote the report.
Goal: Evaluate the effectiveness, performance, and community perception of the new reflective pavement coating in eight (8) neighborhoods of the City of Phoenix.


Neighborhood Justice / Cool Kids - Heat Resilience Partnership
City of Tempe, Arizona State University, Tempe Community, and Community-based organizations (report outstanding)
June 2020 - May 2023

Co-facilitator in workshops, heat researcher, youth ambassador, and partnership/project evaluator.
Goal: Improve equity and decolonization efforts in heat resilience in Tempe, AZ for future generations.


Heat and Shade Project - Phoenix Zoo
Phoenix Zoo, City of Phoenix, Healthy Urban Environment Initiative, and Arizona State University (report outstanding)
April 2020 - August 2022

Led the heat data collection and analysis. Disseminated results and designed presentation boards.
Goal: Evaluate the effect of implementing new shade structures on and off the Phoenix Zoo parking lot.

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