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Journal Publications


Schneider, F. A., Ortiz, J. C., Vanos, J. K., Sailor, D. J., and Middel, A. (2023).
Evidence-based guidance on reflective pavement for urban heat mitigation in Arizona.
Nature Communications, 14(1), 1467.

Middel, A., Huff, M., Krayenhoff, E. S., Udupa A., and Schneider, F. A. (2023).
PanoMRT: Panoramic Infrared Thermography to Model Human Thermal Exposure and Comfort.
Science of the Total Environment, 859, 160301.


Merchant, C., Meggers, F., Hou, M., Aviv, D., Schneider, F. A., & Middel, A. (2022).
Resolving Radiant: Combining Spatially Resolved Longwave and Shortwave Measurements to Improve the Understanding of Radiant Heat Flux Reflections and Heterogeneity.
Frontiers in Sustainable Cities, 4, 82.

Kulkarni, K. K., Schneider, F. A., Gowda, T., Jayasuriya, S., & Middel, A. (2022).
MaRTiny—A Low-Cost Biometeorological Sensing Device with Embedded Computer Vision for Urban Climate Research.
Frontiers in Environmental Science, 10, 550.

Kelly Turner, V., Rogers, M. L., Zhang, Y., Middel, A., Schneider, F. A., Ocón, J. P., Seeley, M., & Dialesandro, J. (2022).
More than surface temperature: mitigating thermal exposure in hyper-local land system.
Journal of Land Use Science, 1–21.


Middel, A., AlKhaled, S., Schneider, F. A., Hagen, B., & Coseo, P. (2021).
50 Grades of Shade.
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 1–35.


Middel, A., Turner, V. K., Schneider, F. A., Zhang, Y., & Stiller, M. (2020).
Solar reflective pavements—A policy panacea to heat mitigation?
Environmental Research Letters, 15(6), 64016.

Block, K., Schneider, F. A., Mülmenstädt, J., Salzmann, M., & Quaas, J. (2020).
Climate models disagree on the sign of total radiative feedback in the Arctic.
Tellus A: Dynamic Meteorology and Oceanography, 72(1), 1–14.


Wandinger, U., Hünerbein, A., Horn, S., Schneider, F., Donovan, D., Van Zadelhoff, G. J., Daou, D., Docter, N., Fischer, J., Filipitsch, F., Zadelhoff, G.-J. van, Daou, D., Docter, N., Fischer, J., & Filipitsch, F. (2018).
EarthCARE Aerosol and Cloud Layer and Column Products.
EPJ Web of Conferences, 176, 02007.


Baars, H., Kanitz, T., Engelmann, R., Althausen, D., Heese, B., Komppula, M., Preißler, J., Tesche, M., Ansmann, A., Wandinger, U., Lim, J. H., Young Ahn, J., Stachlewska, I. S., Amiridis, V., Marinou, E., Seifert, P., Hofer, J., Skupin, A., Schneider, F., … Zamorano, F. (2016).
An overview of the first decade of PollyNET: An emerging network of automated Raman-polarization lidars for continuous aerosol profiling.
In Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (Vol. 16, Issue 8, pp. 5111–5137).

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