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About Me

Hey, I'm Florian, an experienced and passionate sustainability and climate change researcher and policy advocate with a love for endurance exercises that challenge my mind and body. Invested in leadership and impactful change, I assume tremendous responsibility for the communities I serve. I have been described as a connector and frank, kind, and effective advocate for sustainability between academics, policymakers, and the public.

Originally from Germany, I graduated in May 2023 with my Ph.D. in Sustainability from Arizona State University (ASU). I studied sustainable and equitable heat mitigation as well as communication and co-creation of usable science between academics, city officials, and the general public in the context of urban heat. In doing so I worked with the City of Phoenix (AZ), the Phoenix Zoo (AZ), the City of Tempe (AZ), Pacoima - Los Angeles (CA), and the City of Scottsdale (AZ). Prior to my Ph.D., I completed a Bachelor and Master of Science from Universität Leipzig (Germany) in Atmospheric Science/Meteorology and worked in affiliation with the European Space Agency, consulting the creation of data algorithms for a satellite to launch in 2023.

As a trained sustainability and climate change interdisciplinary researcher, I am educated and skilled to face the challenges of our rapidly changing world, society, and economy. I am prepared to think outside of the box. It is important to consider who is and who is not at the table. I work with humility by including and respecting different knowledge sources beyond my own, by acknowledging others' positionality, and by recognizing that the challenges that we face cannot be solved alone or in disciplinary or sectoral isolation. Working together is key.

I'm looking to expand my portfolio toward policy because I deeply care about making sustainability and climate change actionable and policy-relevant. I have experience in policy work with the cities of Phoenix and Tempe, including local Tempe communities. I gained valuable policy exposure during my tenure as elected President of the graduate student government of ASU, representing and serving 30,000 students, where I advocated locally but also on a state and federal level with policymakers at ASU, in AZ, and in Washington, D.C. 

My long-term goal is to mediate and advance the co-creation and application of usable, policy-relevant knowledge with the people that need it most. Keen to serve the communities, I work to become one of the leading scientific advisors/consultants on (urban) sustainability and climate change-related aspects to the government, federal agencies, non-governmental organizations, or other worldwide operating entities.

May we thrive on this Earth to challenge ourselves to go above and beyond—to find solutions to seemingly impossible problems. Now it is for us to make sure that those after us will have days to remember; days to build passion and value moving forward. Let’s build a sustainable future, together.

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